July 31st: 5 YEARS AGO TODAY!

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July 31st: 5 YEARS AGO TODAY!

July 31st: 5 YEARS AGO TODAY!

July 31st @ 4:30 PM

On the same fateful day that the impound notice for the removal of the Salt River wild horses was published, a very special foal was born.
This beautiful foal was born out of Sapphire and Shadowfax, so we named him Diamond. But we could not enjoy him- we could only see him blurry, through the tears in our eyes, because how would he ever survive a roundup on those wobbly legs? What would happen to him and his family?

Diamond’s story is simply amazing. We still credit him today with the saving of this entire herd. Yes, we called the press out there, but he could not have been more adorable and more deserving of mercy when he looked in all of the cameras and let out a cry, to what seemed to be the whole world… and the whole world responded, by standing up for the Salt River wild horses.

Long after the roundup was canceled, and we were negotiating for their humane management, one of our volunteers noticed that Diamond was missing from his band. To our horror, he had ripped his hoof in a cattle guard, and now the foal that saved his herd, needed saving himself. SRWHMG was 100% determined to save Diamond. These are some of the pictures that tell his amazing story.

Not in our wildest dreams did we think back then, that we would be singing him a birthday song and feeding him his birthday carrots, like volunteers are doing at this very moment. This picture of our beautiful Diamond was taken just 10 minutes ago in Prescott, where Diamond hangs out with his best buds, Pacman and Rosco.

Will you help us in singing him his birthday song? And more importantly will you help us in thanking the Forest Service and the AZDA for the humane management of this very special herd? After all they deserve some credit also.

Long live Diamond and long live the Salt River wild horses! A forever grateful SRWHMG.