A look at SRWHMG feedstations from the air.

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A look at SRWHMG feedstations from the air.

A look at SRWHMG feedstations from the air.

July 7th

Note the lack of vegetation.

The harsh drought conditions in Arizona are unprecedented – if nature would have it, 20% of this herd would be dying off. However with millions of people visiting their habitat, that is not what anyone wants to see.


One feed each day provides every single horse with at least one flake of certified weed free alfalfa. The rest of the time, the horses still forage on what they can find from the mesquite trees and the river eelgrass. Together with the protein in the alfalfa it is enough to hold their condition steady.

Unfortunately to make sure each horse and each band has their fair share, it adds up to 2 semiloads per month at approximately $7000 per semiload = $14,000 every single month. Saving the Salt River wild horses is wearing down our organization, our volunteers and our funds…yet there is no one else who can accomplish this huge feat.

We receive no government grants and therefore rely on the public that loves these horses. If everyone who enjoys them, if everyone who takes pictures of them, contributed just one bale of hay ($15) to their well being each month, our organization would be out of the woods… and the horses would stay in it.

This fundraiser’s goal is to provide for just one month of feed for the Salt River wild horses, which is $14.000. However, we plead for our supporters to click to make that bale monthly, because they need to eat, month after month.

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