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In Memory: Cookie

July 11th

It was a very hard day today, that unfortunately ended in a colic case ending badly for this mare. (on the left). We have been monitoring her and attempted to treat her with banamine, but in spite of those efforts, she died this afternoon on the edge of the river. From watching her symptoms we expect that she ruptured her colon.

From monitoring a herd of wild horses as intimately as we do, we see all of the suffering and all of the deaths, but also all of the amazing wonders of the wild. We let you know about all of it.

We explained just last week how we are so thankful for some rain, but how it also causes colic season. Rain causes the mesquite beans to somehow go bad, but we obviously cannot stop the horses from eating them. From previous necropsys we have done on wild horses who died from colic, we have learned that the beans can form an unsolvable glue-like ball in the intestines and if they cannot pass this, then the intestines can rupture.

We are sad to lose this mare who we have watched for so many years, being a great mother. Her name was Cookie and she gave us the last foal of 2020, whom we named West Wind. (because his sire is Red Wind and he was born in the West.)

West Wind is distraught and needs time to adjust, but at 8 months old he is old enough to survive without his mother. We are going to keep a close eye on him and make sure he gets his fair share at the feed stations. He also has a very sweet older brother who is protecting him.

Cookie had 6 offspring of which 4 are still alive. This is a beautiful and very recent photo of this sweet mare and her son West Wind, by Luanne Hedblom. Cookie was approximately 18 years old which was confirmed by her long teeth.
We want to thank all of our volunteers who helped monitor her and tried to help her. We also want to thank all people who called our hotline. (480)868-9301

Unfortunately her body is close to the edge of the river, and some river goers may see it there. However it will not take long to go back to the earth. If you do happen to see her, don’t be sad, but be glad for the wonderful wild life she lived, and whisper to her…run forever free!