A wild Christmas for all.

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A wild Christmas for all.

A wild Christmas for all.

December 25th

A majestic stallion calls out over the Salt River. (Wait for it) In fact, what he is doing is calling for one of his mares, who had wondered off a bit, which made him worry. He found her soon hereafter and quickly brought her back to the rest of his family band. Family means everything to wild horses, just like it does to us.

Our thoughts this Christmas go out to all the people who cannot be with their families because of Covid, and to over 50,000 former wild horses in government holding facilities; they too will spend it without their families.

What brings us joy is that this lead stallion and his band will be home for Christmas, along with the rest of the Salt River herd. This in fact brings millions of people much joy all throughout the year.

The humane management of the Salt River herd is what affords them their freedom. So this Christmas we wish that more wild horse herds could be managed the same.

If a small organization like ours can do it on funds entirely raised by the public, then the Bureau of Land Management just be able to do it with a 100 million dollar budget.

To support humane wild horse management this Christmas, you can still give your year end donation, which is fully tax deductible. The link is in the comments. We want to thank you for your support all throughout the year.

May all your days be merry and bright, and may all their Christmases be wild.


Check the video here!