Aww, what a big baby!

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Aww, what a big baby!

Aww, what a big baby!

August 31st

In the domestic horse world it is pretty common to separate foals from their mothers around 6 months old. But in the wild, foals do not leave their mothers until they are between a year and a half and 2 years old.

This is Fynn and his momma Felicity. Fynn is the only horse at our facility who was not rescued because he was dying; he came as a package when we rescued his mom, Felicity, from drowning in the canal. We do not breed Salt River wild horses.

We try to give the Salt River rescues a life as close as possible to what they would have had in the wild. Of course, they have their stalls for shelter and for feed times, but they get to run together as a family band for the rest of the time. They act exactly like the family bands we keep track of in the wild.

Fynn is now a year and a half old, and Felicity still loves her big baby. It’s pretty adorable. We are sure they will tell us when it’s time to give them each their own stall, but they can do it on their own time, just like they do in the wild.

In the mean time, our volunteers enjoy babying Fynn just a little bit, and so does Felicity.

Our facility is an approved and registered Equine Rescue facility under the Arizona Department of Agriculture.

Thank you to everyone who loves and supports the Salt River wild horses.

To learn more or to sponsor Fynn or Felicity or any of our rescued wild horses, please visit our website under “sponsor a horse“.

Pictures by SRWHMG caretaker Cris Becker.