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The Devil’s Wire.

The Devil’s Wire.

September 4th

The habitat of the Salt River wild horses is far from perfect for horses. It is because of the 60-yr-old allotment barbed wire fence remains that are (were) everywhere.

The very first video on our Facebook page is of Simone and some volunteers cutting barbed wire fences back in 2014. Since no one else was going to do it, SRWHMG took on this responsibility.

Through our Habitat Improvement Program our volunteers work hard at turning this beautiful place, into a safer place for everyone. (With authorization of the Forest Service)

We estimate that we have cleaned up approximately 90% of the old fence lines that used to run all along the river on both sides, for 16 miles, and we continue to work on the last 10%.

Barbed wire is also referred to as The Devil’s Wire. You can support our important programs by becoming a sponsor- for more information, visit our donation page.