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Beautiful momma, Brighteyes ✨

Beautiful momma, Brighteyes ✨

December 20th

This is a repost from the AZDA page. As most of you know, we manage the Salt River wild horses under a non paid contract with the AZDA. We are happy that they are excited about our first years PZP results, because this is what is going to afford the herd their freedom in perpetuity. Please help us thank Makenzie with the AZDA for the great working relationship and wish everyone at the AZDA happy holidays too! 🎄💕🎅🐴👍

AZDA Salt River Horse Herd
December 17th, 2020 at 9:43AM

Beautiful momma, Brighteyes, watching over Moonshadow as she nurses ❤️

You may have noticed fewer foals on the river this year. Compared to the previous year with over 80 living foals, this year we have had only 16, with 15 surviving. These numbers are a direct result of the PZP program our 3rd party management group (Salt River Wild Horse Management Group) operates and manages.

Our goal is for a more sustainable herd and healthy range land, and we are excited to be moving in this direction with the success of the PZP program!!
📷 Rosa Ramsthaler