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Butcher Jones Horses Are Moving

Butcher Jones Horses Are Moving

Moving notice:
Hello, we are the Butcher Jones horses, we have moved.
Our old address is Butcher Jones beach. We made a lot of memories there, but it was not a good place for us anymore. It was so crowded with people there, and we had a hard time getting to the water and staying safe. So we traded our old hangout for the real deal; our new address is the lower Salt River! It is running beautiful cool water right now. So if you don’t see us at Butcher Jones beach anymore, please don’t worry, we are living happily ever after, thanks to the SRWHMG.

We want to thank SRWHMG supporters and donators for helping to provide water, watertanks and trailers to make it possible, and we want to thank all of the volunteers it took to move us and our waterstations every evening!

We also want to thank the AZDA, under which we are managed humanely, and the FS Mesa ranger district for being patient with us.
We took our time, but we appreciated that time to do it at our own pace. Now that we have found our way, we are not likely to ever want to go back. We are happy here.

If you want to see us, your best chances are to look out over the river at the Foxtail overlook around 5 PM. SRWHMG will install a small homemade sign where you can take the trail to the foxtail overlook. Happy memorial day from all of us on the Salt River!

Picture by SRWHMG photographer Rick Blandford.