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Peanut Is Home

Peanut Is Home

He is by no means out of the woods yet, but he is so happy to be back in his large stall and play area, and we are so glad to be able to continue his medical care here at our facility, with our many amazing volunteer care experts.

He has something bacterial going on, which is still a medical mystery, and we are still waiting for his bacterial panel to come back. When it does we will be able to treat him more specifically. Right now he is on broad spectrum oral antibiotics and we are disinfecting everything, and he cannot have contact with any of the other rescues.

Our volunteers are experienced in taking care of very fragile foals like this, and he is being kept very comfortable and most importantly with lots of company to keep his spirits bright.

We are beyond proud that you all are part of what we do, and that together, we prove every time, that the Salt River wild horses can be managed for the public and by the public. In just a few hours you, our heros, first raised money for stallmatts for our foalbarn, and then raised $ 2500 for him, as that was the expected vet bill. The bill turned into $3000 for the many tests that were done, and we were able to pay it because of YOU.

The Salt River wild horses are owned by the public and taken care of by the public. That fact doesn’t just give Peanut his best chances of survival, but the rest of this magnificent wild horse herd as well!!

Thank you to all of you who stand with us and make it happen. Now comon Peanut!!