Calling for justice for the Alpine’s.

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Calling for justice for the Alpine’s.

Calling for justice for the Alpine’s.

It has been pure insanity to try and save every Alpine wild horse. Right now we are up to 315 saved! But this has been an incredible pressure on us and on the rescue community and we are out of contacts and out of good homes and another auction was just posted! What it comes down to is, the removals of Alpine wild horses need to stop. At least until humane solutions are considered and there can be a responsible process. The incredible pressure on the rescue community needs to stop.

So today we are not asking our supporters to donate to save them, but we are asking for phone calls, we need many phone calls to urge humane solutions in the field, instead of killpens! If you have time to make a comment on Social Media, then you have time right now after reading this, to make just one phone call to the chief of the Forest Service Randy Moore. (202) 205 8439

A really nice executive assistant named Robin is doing her best to field all of the phone calls and we appreciate her. Please be polite and explain that NO horse removed from our public lands should ever end up in a killpen!!

Tell them there are better ways to manage wild horses and name Salt River Wild Horse Management Group as an example.

It’s not scary, it’s not hard, it’s not time consuming and it won’t cost you a dime, but it WILL make a difference!

202 205 8439

For the wild ones, Thank you!!! 💕