Meet Merlin’s band! Bowie Auction rescued Alpine’s!

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Meet Merlin’s band! Bowie Auction rescued Alpine’s!

Meet Merlin’s band! Bowie Auction rescued Alpine’s!

Merlin is a fairly young lead stallion and he does the job together with Blackstone, who might be the older original lead stallion of the band. Sometimes those roles change as older horses slowly loose their power.

This band has had a lot of band changes as they lost some mares in Jacob Roer and Jackie Hughes traps earlier this year, and then they picked up some mares from Coconino’s band, who was captured in the traps himself with only half of his band. (*We rescued Coconino from the Rail Lazy H auctions and he is now at the Wild Horse Refuge in Colorado with at least a few of his mares).

Luisa is a Coconino mare and we believe she may have injured her stifle jumping out of the traps, but she has been healing in the wild. The sweet thing is that Merlin and Blackstone always wait up for her.

The Alpine wild horses left in the wild are truly in turmoil, because of the removals and the shootings combined. These horses have been through hell and back, and they are trying to survive by taking care of eachother, they are simply amazing.

Our documentation and field work is so important, because it is the only way we can recognize them in the auctions, as Alpine wild horses have no brands. It is for this reason that our volunteers have been traveling 5 hours (one way) to Alpine and 5 hours back. Our AWHA volunteers, who live in Alpine, are also imperative in this process and we are looking for more volunteers who live in Alpine or Nutrioso. They are becoming their own non-profit soon and you can support them at

FYI we think we are missing yearling Jillette. Perhaps this yearling will show up at the next Alpine wild horse auction, which will be online at RailLazyH, Jackie’s website on Dec 16th! Aaaaargh. We are already trying to find placement for those horses, because without a place to go, we cannot rescue them! How can u help?? We need homes for these horses, and land or people with land. But most of all we need these removals and the pressure on the rescue community to stop.

Thank you everyone for your support! SRWHMG. Return To Freedom, Wild Horse Conservation, All Seated in a Barn, @redorchardanimalrescue.