Check out this incredible survival story!

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Check out this incredible survival story!

Check out this incredible survival story!

We are receiving some more pictures from “All Seated in a Barn” (ASIAB) and “Return to Freedom” (RTF) of our Alpine wild horses in the quarentine facility. We are so happy to find Honor, a very special young survivor!

Check out Honor’s face, which is quite deformed from a (former) broken nose. This would have been a life-threatening injury as a foal, because the nasal cavity is sensitive and close to the brain. The poor guy must have been in terrible pain, but don’t worry, he is totally fine now! He runs and plays like any other rambunctious bachelor!

We see it all the time with Salt River wild horses; their wild survival/healing skills are incredible! This is the result of centuries of breeding without man’s influance, as only the toughest survivors contributed to the DNA of the herd. This sweet boy is another great testament to that!

This is why we work so hard, because what a terrible tragedy it would have been if his brave life had ended in a slaughterplant! That’s what would have happened to him, if ASIAB wouldn’t have bid against the killbuyer at the Bowie Livestock auction!

We managed to pull off an incredible combined rescue effort even with NO notice from the ASNF or the roundup contractor, until they were on their way to the Bowie auction. They then put something on their websites real quick about how the market was saturated, so they had no choice to take them to Bowie. -completely false information – The market was NOT saturated, because we SRWHMG, were buying them all, and finding them good homes. The real truth is : We were blatantly refused in the online auctions for no reason, and treated terribly by the roundup contractor. This is a case of egregious betrayal of public trust by an incredibly petty and unprofessional federal contractor. (That’s mildly put) Beware, the contractor Jackie Hughes herself, and her “friend” Susan Kerins, are actually on our pages and others, spreading 100% pure fabrications (libel and defamation) about SRWHMG and our president. (If you like to see proof just contact us) FYI We have not blocked her, in spite of her lies, because we have asked her some questions the public has a right to know, we are still waiting for an answer.

Anyway! Because of our work making these Alpine wild horses seen and loved (see Alpine Wild Horse Advocates ) and the cooperation and working together of four (4) organizations, they now all have a beautiful life ahead of them! That was a lot of aspects that had to come together, including the public coming through for them) YEAY.

Thank you to everyone following the Alpines and thank you to All Seated in a Barn ASIAB for taking care of them until the spring, and thank you Return To Freedom, Wild Horse Conservation for taking them in! We will follow their journey for the rest of their lives.

PS. Honor’s mother was purchased in a previous auction by SRWHMG, and has a great home with LUCKY A RANCH, INC in Arizona! Honor’s birthband is Majestic’s band, also purchased previously by SRWHMG and they are at The Wild Horse Refuge in CO, including Majestic himself! Blizzard and Phoenix will also be going there in the spring!

Honor was already a bachelor, which occurs naturally, so he is happy being with his
bandbrother, also from Majestic’s band!

So in spite of a federal contractor (Rail Lazy H) who actively sabotaged the efforts of horse advocates for NO reason at all, ALLS WELL ENDS WELL, THANK YOU EVERYONE!! 💕