If we could just all sail away to a loving world! 🎶

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If we could just all sail away to a loving world! 🎶

If we could just all sail away to a loving world! 🎶

We posted a fun reel with “Islands in the stream” tunes, but maybe not everyone is reading the post to go with it, so here it is without the song, although the song was really fun: If we could just all sail away to a loving world! 🎶

Update: While Alpine wild horses are quite used to snow and cold, our own Salt River Rescues were totally surprised by it. This is our headquarters along the beeline! What a crazy weather week!

Looking for updates on our Salt River rescues? There’s a page for that! Just Search SRWHMG – wild Rescues, and fill in the questions to be accepted. (Because we have a right to refuse spammers and haters)

Our rescues live together like a real band, with a lead stallion and a lead mare and the youngsters in between. They each have a best friend within the band also! Our volunteers love watching their dynamics.

None of our rescues have permanent health affects from the original injuries they suffered, except for Mori, -who still has some lasting issues with her skull, and Diamond – who lost his hoof in a cattleguard.

However, even while all of them are healthy now, we cannot put any of them back in the wild. We are simply not authorized to do so, and those are the parameters we have to stick to, if we want to keep our contract.

We are bound by our contract, which we are very grateful for. Without it, the Salt River wild horses would be long gone. Therefore we wait a long time before making the decision to rescue, because we want to give them every opportunity to stay wild.

Some of our rescues like Batman we would probably release if it was allowed, (but it’s not) but others, like Shadowfax, we couldn’t, because they definitely need their special mushy 3 meals and 1 snack a day.

It takes a lot to upkeep 2 facilities for these precious guys! Did you know we have 42 rescues now? This includes 18 Alpine wild horses and 22 Salt River horses, plus abandoned domestic we rescued from forest and our retired surrogate mare April. People sometimes don’t understand how expensive this is, but if you have your own horse, you might have an idea, now times that by 42! If you sponsor any one of our rescues, you don’t only help us feed them, but you help keep them together!

Thank you!! SRWHMG.