“Don’t leave me this way”

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“Don’t leave me this way”

“Don’t leave me this way”

October 18th

As most of you know, we’ve been monitoring old Batman in his aging and deteriorating condition, and he was hanging inthere, keeping up with his band.

We figured he wanted to stay wild and free until the bitter end, that is how old wild horses die, and it’s completely natural. He showed amazing determination to stay with his band and we don’t rescue horses that can keep up with their bands.

But yesterday, his body could no longer keep up and we knew his time was nearing. We searched for him when he was missing from his band and we found him alone, his eyes half closed and his head low; it was the sad look of defeat.

At that point, is when decisions need to be made. The choice being; give him a dignified ending, or rescue him. These decisions are incredibly difficult as you may understand.

It’s worth something to be wild and free until the bitter end. But with that look, he made us ponder, how bitter is too bitter? With that look, it’s as if he said, “don’t leave me this way”.

Some will say we did it wrong, some will say we did it right, but in our partnership with AZDA, together, we make the most humane decisions possible for this cherished herd and every horse in it. We didn’t leave him that way.

We couldn’t. Tonight, we rescued old Batman. Tomorrow, we will explain more and take the next steps. He will need a lot of vetcare to get him feeling better, and we need fencing to give him space. None of that comes cheap. We turned this into a fundraiser for Batman and there is no amount too small and no amount too large if you support us.

Call us sappy, but right now, we are humming a song while watching Batman happily munching on hay. Does anyone remember this song: “Don’t leave me this way”. We are glad we didn’t. Stay tuned.