Drama; Woman pursues band of horses all afternoon

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Drama; Woman pursues band of horses all afternoon

Drama; Woman pursues band of horses all afternoon

Drama; Woman pursues band of horses all afternoon, to hinder SRWHMG.

Like we talked about in our previous post, we have a fringe group of “non fans”. Sadly, they will not hear of reason and they manage to twist and turn everything we do for the horses, into a bad thing.

It has gone from very mean slander and libel to harassment of our volunteers and harassment of the horses, as well as deliberate sabotage of the important job we have to do.

We are non confrontational and normally try to ignore it, but it is really setting us back in getting this band of horses to safety. That’s why we choose to post this video, so that you can be the judge.

While we were in the process and making much progress with this band to get them through the tunnel, one of our, let’s call it “non fans”, Debbie Ashley, jumped in front of the band and scared them away. She did not only stop them from going through, but then proceeded to pursue them all afternoon from 3 pm to 6 pm until they were out of sight completely.

We are an accredited non profit organization and a 3rd party government contractor.

We are authorized to do these projects and manage the Salt River wild horses humanely under contract with the AZDA. We believe this is harassment of the band and hindering of a government process.

It is so sad that we have to defend our group and our volunteers now, but we try to video everything our very determined non-fans do, because of their hate and numerous false accusations. It may not be the best video but it does show what actually happened.

Background: please also see our previous post. This band is in an unsafe area of an allotment where they are not protected. We are trying to get them to safely cross under a highway tunnel, so they can get to the side where they can join the rest of the herd.

For a letter from the Forest Service about this important project please see our previous post. We are grateful to the Forest Service and AZDA for giving us the opportunity to perform this relocation humanely.

We are grateful to MCSO for coming out yesterday and asking some non fans to leave the area where we were working. This has to stop. We hope to accomplish this task soon and we will keep you updated.

FYI, we try not to let the hatred cloud the fact that so many of you support and love what we do. We spend a lot of money and effort on their humane treatment and their protection. We appreciate you and we also appreciate all of the thank you’s in the field.

We will continue to turn our videos on if any kind of hostility or hindering of our work is taking place.

Sincerely, SRWHMG.

Video: https://www.facebook.com/saltriverwildhorsemanagementgroup/videos/208168700547213