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Public record from the Forest Supervisor

Public record from the Forest Supervisor

Public record: This is a letter from Forest Supervisor Neil Bosworth about the current AZDA/SRWHMG project to bring Mick’s band through the tunnel to the “safe side”; the legal Salt River horse habitat.

This is NOT a plot by the Forest Service to get rid of any horses. There is no roundup planned of any Salt River wild horses even while anti wild horse factions continue to push for it.

While the Forest Service could just hire a roundup contractor to do it their way, they are letting AZDA and SRWHMG accomplish the relocation our way, which is with patience. This lonesome band is trying to join the other bands across the road, but we cannot let them on the road because of obvious safety issues. That is why they need to go through the tunnel. Unfortunately the tunnel is just too short for the horses to be comfortable, but they are learning.

Our patience with horses is endless, but our patience with people who call themselves horse advocates is being put to the test. As we speak, there is a person screaming at our volunteers right now and standing in the tunnel stopping the horses from going through. We implore everyone who loves the horses to come to their senses and while we don’t always get exactly what we want, please realize that the

Salt River wild horses are legally allowed to live in the Salt River Horse Habitat and are humanely managed.

That is more than can be said for any other herd that does not fall under the 1971 Wild Horse and Burro Act. PLEASE let’s not jeopardize that.