Enjoying the cool mornings? They do too.

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Enjoying the cool mornings? They do too.

Enjoying the cool mornings? They do too.

August 17th

In the Tonto National Forest, you can stumble upon a band of wild horses like this. None of these horses are sick, they are just sleeping. Please let wild horses take their naps.

If you are careful and quiet, you can take pictures like this, without ever disturbing them. This photographer is an SRWHMG volunteer in the field. Our volunteers stick to the 50 ft guideline and often more, in order not to disturb: the horses never got up.

If they do get up, you know you’ve disturbed them. Anytime they look directly at you, you know you’ve disturbed them, even if in a small way.

If everyone who comes across the Salt River horses disturbs them in their natural behavior, they’ll never have a minute’s rest. Please enjoy watching the horses while adhering to these viewing guidelines:

  • Keep a safe distance of 50 ft from horses at all times, even if they come your way. This is for their well-being, and for yours.
  • Approaching closer than 50 ft can be interfering/harassment, which is punishable by law with a fine and/or jail sentence.
  • Do not feed horses, this is bad for them and is also against the law. (except for the feed program by SRWHMG)
  • Keep dogs leashed as horses can attack dogs and vice versa. Maricopa County Leash Law is in effect in the Tonto National Forest.
  • Close all gates behind you for their safety.
  • When riding horses in the forest it is even easier to disturb them. Also, horses can have any disease/virus/bacteria, that may be contagious to domestic horses. Please ride at your own risk.
  • Trash kills. This is their home and it is your public land. Pack out what you pack in and pick up after someone else to help make a difference.
  • Please report any issues of injuries or harassment or broken fences to the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group (SRWHMG)

Thank You. SRWHMG.

For more information, or to volunteer, please browse our website.