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Feed Program Results

Our emergency feed program is highly necessary right now or we would definitely not be doing it. It is breaking our bank and our backs, but it is starting to show drastic results and that is what it’s all about! We need to order our 5th semi-load of hay in order to get it to all of the skinny mares. Please can you help us raise another $7000 dollars? It sounds like a lot, but just 15 dollars will help if everyone does it and shares this plea everywhere! Either through fb or our website, (or paypal: saltriverherd@respect4horses.com) it all ends up in the same place; the mouths of hungry wild horses!

The mare in these photos was in really bad shape. When assessing the condition of a horse, dont look at the belly, but look at the top line, the spine and the hip bones.
Queen is doing so much better! She is already pregnant, but after that, she will get a long break from having babies. (Our humane birth control protocol coming up next).

We want to thank the Arizona State Ag Department for making humane management possible and the FS Mesa Ranger District for being patient with the program.

Above all, we want to thank YOU the public for showing the government that it can be done. Thank you so very much for your action and your financial support, all good things are possible!

Pics by feed team leads Rick Blandford and Pattie Walsh.