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First foal of 2019!

First foal of 2019!

We made a post the other day about humane wild horse management and what that means exactly. 4.9k supporters liked that post which was about Squiggle, one of the oldest mares on the Salt River. Now we want to share something equally special with you; the first foal of 2019!!

Coincidentily this foal was born into Squiggle’s band and he is seen here, saying goodbye to her in her dying moments. The circle of life begins again with this precious young colt.

All Salt River wild horses get both a name and a number for record keeping in our database app. We like to name every first foal of the year to honor someone who has meant a great deal to the preservation of the Salt River wild horses, like Ducey (after Governor Doug Ducey), who is now a thriving 2 year old stallion.

While an Agriculture Department may have seemed an unlikely ally at first (see Nevada for not so nice Ag Department), it is because of our Arizona Ag Department that our humane management programs are running so well. We highly appreciate our working relationship with our Ag Liaison Jacquelynn Hughes and we want to thank AZDA Director Killian for his full support.

So, this cute foals name is going to be: Killian!

Please help us thank our Arizona Department of Agriculture (AZDA) and when you see little Killian and his mom, remember to give them plenty of space and respect – please a minimum of 50 ft at all times-, and please keep dogs on a leash!

Thank you for your support, SRWHMG.
To learn more about humane wild horse management visit our website:

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