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hanging in there!

hanging in there!

Snow is hanging in there! He is not wanting to drink his milk yet but ate all of his Timothy hay. He is getting Dextrose and electrolytes through his IV and his bloodwork shows major improvements. Yay! He is in no way better yet, but we are going to keep you, our supporters, frequently updated on his progress. Please check back often!

Thank you so much to each amazing supporter, for donating once again, and raising his estimated medical bills in less than two hours and for continuing to donate. You make miracles possible and together we prove that wild horses can be managed for and by the public. Please keep sharing.

Any funds in excess of his medical bill will be used to create a comfortable space for him. We can then buy panels, buckets, equipment, his own cooler, and toys for his permanent care, so please do keep making fundraisers for him.

We have a lot of wild horses and foals to support right now. We can do the right thing for them, only because our supporters do the right thing.

Very touching was the person who gave one dollar and said I can’t afford it, but if everyone on your page did this, you’d have over 60,000 dollars to build your foal barn. We sure would!

We are all in this cause together and yes we believe in magic. Come on Snow, Gideon is patiently awaiting a buddy!