Happy 4th Birthday, Pacman!

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Happy 4th Birthday, Pacman!

Happy 4th Birthday, Pacman!

Watch the transformation!  That’s what humane management is all about. Happy Birthday Pacman!! (4 years old today!)

Here are 10 ways YOU can help. At this difficult time we plead with you, please do not forget about the Salt River wild horses, and our important rescue program! Our rescues at our facility need to eat and our work needs to continue, because these horses count on us. We don’t ever want to say no, when we find a horse in diar need of our help. Little Pacman, was alone and mere hours away from death when we found him. (Thank you for the call to our hotline @Brent Steiner and @Maria pugliese.)

This Arizona Gives day, if everyone who loves these horses gave just a few dollars, then no one would be out of pocket much, but we would still reach our goal. (Only $1000 reached out of $12,000 so far)

These are YOUR local treasures. By donating, you become their guardian. Here are the 10 easy ways you can make a difference:

  1. Between now and April 7th, visit the Arizona Gives website at: https://www.azgives.org/SRWHMG to make a donation and make your own fundraiser.
  2. Donate directly through our website.
  3. Send a check to: 4610 n. 68th str. #477, Scottsdale AZ 86251
  4. Donate through Paypal to: SaltRiverHerd@respect4horses.com
  5. Purchase cool wild horse stuff from our online store as all of the profits go towards our programs.
  6. Purchase spectacular prints from azwildhorses.com
  7. Buy Pacman a ball for his birthday from our our Amazon wishlist.
  8. Create your own Facebook fundraiser!
  9. Sign up for Frys rewards so that we get a percentage of your purchases.
  10. Sign up for Amazon Smile so that we get a percentage of your order!

We are an accredited 501(c)3 and your donation is tax deductable.
They are worth it.
Thank you. SRWHMG.