Protect burros, protect yourself!

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Protect burros, protect yourself!

Protect burros, protect yourself!

Diverting a little bit from our regular programming we want to see if our supporters would like to protect Arizona burros as well as Arizona wild horses.

Today, in the spirit of April fools day, plus Coronavirus, plus burros, we made a humorous and relevant image that we hope you will share.
Also, today is the last day to write into the BLM on the plan to remove over 1700 burros! Your opinion counts and our coalition partner has made it super easy again to submit your letter right in time.

Please click here:

Sharing this image kills two birds with one stone (although we don’t agree with killing birds) Protect burros, but don’t forget to protect your own ass too!!

Everyone please keep your chin up, take this time on your hands as time to make a difference, and stick together, all while staying apart. SRWHMG.