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Happy Endings: Nakota and Old Lady part 1

Happy Endings: Nakota and Old Lady part 1

This sweet old gray mare had lived her whole life free on the river, and had survived at least 20 years of natures challenges, hence her name “Old Lady”. But this last spring, the drought would have killed her, had we not stepped in and rescued both her and her filly.

She was in emaciated condition and her filly Lolly, at only a week old, had a broken left phalanx. We tried very hard for both of them, but unfortunately Lolly’s break collapsed on itself and she had to be euthanized humanely.
It is always heartbreaking when a mare loses her foal and vice versa, because their bond is undeniable.

The foal in this video, Nakota, was also rescued together with her mother Cheyenne, as Cheyenne had severed a fetlock tendon in the wild, and became immobile. The fate of this pair would have been equally harsh, would we not have stepped in.

Again, we gave it our all for both of them and we were able to extend Cheyenne’s life for another 2 months just for Nakota. But at a certain point, it was time for Cheyenne to go and have peace, and we laid her to rest, promising her that Nakota would be ok.

So then we had two heartbroken souls at our facility. It didnt take us long to think of a solution, and it didnt take them long to decide that it was a good idea. Slowly and carefully we let them spend more and more time together and they learned to find comfort in eachother. Now they are inseparable. They are most definitely saving eachother.

We can continue to work toward these happy endings only with your financial support. These two sweet souls still need sponsors for their monthly needs, so that they can live happily ever after on our property. To learn more, please go to our website www.srwhmg.org and click sponsor a horse, and find Old Lady and Nakota. Stay tuned for part 2!