Has anyone seen this paint horse before?

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Has anyone seen this paint horse before?

Has anyone seen this paint horse before?

It’s yet another innocent equine dumped in the U.S. Forest Service-Tonto National Forest, found by our amazing all vigilant road patrol team. The poor guy was dying of thirst for real and would have been dead by now, without us. Hello people, domestic horses do not survive in the wild! Plus he was dropped off in an area with NO access to the river!

This horse is scared to death of anything remotely resembling a halter or a rope and he was harder to catch than an actual wild horse, but AZDA and SRWHMG were finally successful at containing him. Thank you volunteers!

Please do us a favor and share this, because we need to catch and charge these people, just like the last person who dumped sweet Ginger at Coon Bluff. Yes we actually caught her owner because some great ladies recognized the mare! The man has been charged by AZDA with animal cruelty and abandonment! He will be going to court. Meanwhile Ginger is doing great at our facility, we will post an update soon.

As u might notice, we are not very sympathetic because these horses die a horrible death without us finding them, and people should also not think that WE are a great solution. If you can no longer feed your horse, please advertise your horse for sale, call a horse rescue or give it to a neighbor girl. Also please think twice before getting a horse as they a lifelong commitment and high maintenance.

This gelding has a brand on each hip, one sais R heart, the other sais R5. Please help us catch another horse abandoner.

P.S. Meanwhile good homes for horses needed also! Thank you. SRWHMG.