Here are our heroes of the night!

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Here are our heroes of the night!

Here are our heroes of the night!

We’d hate to think what could have happened with the diesel and gasoline depot 300 yards in path of where it was going. Here are our heroes of the night: thank you Cricket, Larry and Johne! The response time was amazing by Rural Metro and Forest Service, thank you!!!

We have more than 100 volunteers and we work in shifts to cover road patrol, field team, darting team, public information team etc. We are in the forest from 5 am to 11 pm, and last night, once again, that made all the difference!

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8 hours prior

Latest update, Busbarn fire under control! Thank you Rural Metro Fire for getting there so fast! And U.S. Forest Service-Tonto National Forest firefighters!

So, our SRWHMG Road Patrol just literally saved the entire forest, without exaggeration. 10 minutes later and the fire would have reached the fuel station, that would have been a huge explosion.

Everything is ok. Some smoldering trees are getting cut down now. Many sighs of relief. All horses are fine!

Few! Perhaps Stricter fire restrictions are needed already and more brush cutting by MCDOT. These rec areas are crazy places at night with countless young restless folks and no authorities to monitor. Perhaps closing Goldfield rec area not bad idea. Our minds spinning still.

Well, G’nite everyone!


We want to give quick update, they are getting it under control! Cheer on some amazing firefighters!

Fire at Busbarn entrance, directly in middle of horse habitat, moving toward MudCliffs where horses are sleeping. Firetrucks arriving. FS compound is down the road. Our road patrol heroes are monitoring and called it in. They saw a red jeep stop and ten seconds later this fire, they called it in immediately. Stay tuned.