Have you had this happen to you?

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Have you had this happen to you?

Have you had this happen to you?

December 22nd

Some days, people just get on your back and try to take you down for no reason at all.

Our volunteers are working hard this holiday season, providing life saving hay during a relentless drought, (so that the Salt River wild horses can remain free). However somewhere far away, there are people sitting behind their computers who purposefully try to spin everything into a bad thing, in order to dissuade people from supporting our organization.

If you have experienced people like this in your own life, we hope that you don’t let it affect you. We hope that you stand strong, very much like this wise wild horse does, while the more juvenile horse tries to get a rise out of him. We hope you enjoy this poem!

💻Listen to the keyboard critics, listen to the mean remarks, listen to the bullies, the know it alls, and the darks.

Is it about a need for attention, is it underlying jealousy. Is it all about the need to be a hero, is it all about the me me me?

Then watch the doers doing, pay attention to the people who are kind. Encourage the good deeds, and negativity, don’t pay it any mind.

Listen to the keyboard critics, but then find the truth and see: The doers have the world, the talkers, just let them be.


Picture by Christine Roberson, a great supporter.

With a wink to our very own haters, who by the way are welcome at any time to ask us any questions. Here is our email address SaltRiverHerd@respect4horses.com

Gracefully standing strong for the horses, SRWHMG.