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Help feed the horses!

Help feed the horses!

August 19th @ 8PM

How goes the saying, come rain or come shine, come hell or high water, come extreme heat and come fires raging all around, we’ve been through it all, yet our volunteers continue to provide supplemental feed for over 400 Salt River wild horses, to get them through this difficult time of drought and fire. They need us.

And we need you… Please support the horses through a small monthly donation- they really do need you also. We go through one semi-load of certified weed free alfalfa every 3 weeks.

Support horses with our Supplemental Feed Program!

We want to thank our volunteers for being this tough, this dedicated and this committed to the Salt River wild horses.

Thank you also to all of our supporters, and to the AZDA and to all of the Firefighters keeping Salt River Wild Horse Habitat safe.

Check out the video on our Facebook page!

Everyone stay safe! SRWHMG.