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The Supplemental Feed Program

July 21st @ 7PM

Sharing the details of the feed program from the AZDA. It is great to work with a state government that is for the humane treatment of these iconic animals, and it is great to have the support of Arizonans. Have a great night. SRWHMG.

Supplemental Feed Program.

While a wet spring has provided ample forage for the first half of 2020, a combination of high temperatures and no percipitation has caused the need for the supplemental feed program again to keep the Salt River horses healthy.

A lot of planning and work goes into this program that is implemented and paid for by our contractor, the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group, (SRWHMG).

According to Forest Service regulations, all hay must be certified weed free and each feed station must be approved by AZDA and Forest Service.

This year, we will have 4 large feed stations located in strategic places for the horses, so that all of the bands will know where to find a feed station. The bands will be monitored to ensure that the horses with the lowest bodyscores will get their share.
The feed stations are spread out along the river and there is also one in the northern section of the Goldfield alottment, so that it doesn’t concentrate too many horses in one place and minimizes wear on the land.

After horses eat their share, they continue their normal routines and they will still eat other resources as well, like river eelgrass and mesquite leaves and beans. That is why the hay provided is only considered supplemental.

The AZDA would like to encourage everyone to come out and see the horses, but to remember to give the horses a safe distanc

AZDA Salt River Horse Herd, July 21st @ 7:16 PM (x)




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