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Help us manage horses humanely!

Help us manage horses humanely!

July 21st @ 12PM

Do you love them like we do? Do they often make your day? Do you see the love and caring, does time stand still when you watch them play?
For the public and by the public, that’s how we keep them here. Help us manage them humanely, if you hold them just as dear. 💕


You may have seen that we’ve been working hard on fundraising for the first truckloads for the supplemental feed program, and we are so close! But it is proving a lot more difficult than last year. Facebook is an amazing fundraising tool because they do not take a percentage, but, it doesn’t seem to be spreading these posts any wider than our same loyal supporters. (Whom we love!) So this is a test. If you’ve recently donated, or bought tickets for the raffle, we want you NOT to donate right now, but instead, help us try to get this message out to someone or someplace who hasn’t.

We want to reach people we have not reached before. So if you are a new supporter, please let us know that you see this! We need you and welcome you!

We need to pay $4200 more for the first two truckloads of certified weed free alfalfa, ($6800 per semiload) to bridge the gap between resources for the Salt River wild horses.

💵 Our programs do not get funded by anyone but you, the public. It means that the success of our programs depend entirely on you. Even during these hard times, we have to continue to perform. 🙏It only takes a few dollars as long as everybody does it.

Here are the 10 easy and fun ways you can make a difference 🐴:

  1. Click here to buy a raffle ticket for a chance to win $500 in restaurant cards!
  2. Click here to purchase cool wild horse stuff from our online shop:
  3. Click here to donate directly through our website:
  4. Click here to purchase spectacular images and prints from AZ Wild Horses:
  5. Click here to buy the rescues something fun from their wishlist:
  6. Click here for the Facebook fundraiser:
  7. Sign up for frys rewards so that we get a percentage of your purchases:
  8. Sign up for amazon smile so that we get a percentage of your orders!
  9. Send a check to SRWHMG:
    4610 n. 68th str. #477, Scottsdale AZ 86251
  10. Donate through Paypal to:

We are an accredited 501(c)3 and your donation is tax deductable. Thank you for helping to spread this message.

Gratefully, SRWHMG.

P.S. This is a picture of one of the 2020 foals just having a great time jumping and running. He was born on May 28th and his name is Ceasar. Picture by Shannon Hastings.