Trick or Treat, after dressing up, they were very thirsty! 🥛 They each get their own milk, but watch how Gideon prefers to drink together! How cute are they? Foals need milk protein until they are about 6 months old, you can help tremendously by clicking this link, to get them more milk!

Please share, because as a non profit, charity programs like help us a lot in the monthly costs for the rescues! Dont forget to add our charity to your Amazon account! It’s only one click. Right now, is giving 5% of your purchases back to us through Nov 2nd! That’s ten times what they normally give back! It means u donate without actually donating! Can u imagine if every one of our 63,000 followers did that?!
It is because of supporters like YOU that we can continue to feed these babies. Thank you!
Gratefully, SRWHMG.

How Cute Are They?