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We Are Looking For Investors – Hay Cafe Franchise!

We Are Looking For Investors – Hay Cafe Franchise!

We have taken care of hundreds of happy customers with our Hay Cafe’s (feed stations). We now finally have some beautiful new grasses coming up in the Tonto National Forest, but especially now, we need your help!🙏

Together, we got the Salt River wild horses through the worst drought in history, but we cannot just stop so abruptly. We want to reduce our distribution slowly, but we are out of hay! 

It is also important to give the new forage a chance to re-establish, so we dont want them too hungry. Will you help? 🙏An investment into these Arizona treasures means you’ll help us get through the winter. It means we prove that wild horses can be managed for and by the public, and that message is even bigger than just the Salt River wild horses

The reward of knowing you make a difference is a personal profit. Note the smiles on our volunteers faces while they work so hard? It is because preserving the Salt River wild horses is the moral investment of a lifetime!

There are SO many ways in which you can invest in the Salt River wild horses, but one of the easiest is to invest a few minutes and spread this fundraiser everywhere! If everyone who reads this buys just one bale (15 dollars) and gets two of their friends to buy one also, we will make it! You can also create your own fundraiser on FB for SRWHMG, did you know that?

Your donation is Tax Deductable. That means the IRS is giving it right back to you. Bigtime investors of over 50 bales, will receive a priceless canvas of happy Hay Cafe customers!🐎 Investors of 10 bales or more will receive a print of happy customers, and investors of 1 bale or more will receive a picture of one happy customer! You can also donate through our website, www.srwhmg.org or PayPal to saltriverherd@respect4horses.com

Thank you for your investment in our Hay Cafe’s!!

🙏We need at least two more semi loads to get through the winter at 2 to 3 feeds per week at 12 feed stations (Hay Cafe’s) and one semi load for all of our SRWHMG rescues at our facilities.
With your help we’ve already managed to pay for and distribute $50,000 dollars worth of hay! We need a minimum of $6700 to pay right now, and a downpayment of $6700 for storage of the next two Semi’s!

Thank you sooo much, with your support, we can win this uphill battle too! Gratefully, SRWHMG.