How cute is this little PZP failure!?

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How cute is this little PZP failure!?

How cute is this little PZP failure!?

August 8th

Introducing the newest member of the Salt River herd: a beautiful healthy filly out of mare Minnie and sire Serta. She is exactly 2 weeks old today!

Photo by SRWHMG Cris Becker.

Most of you know and respect SRWHMG- protocol of keeping the babies out of the public spotlight, until they have surpassed the most vulnerable time of their lives; their first two weeks. We want to thank all photographers who held their cute photos back for this long, we know it’s hard to do! Please do post them on our advocate page now, we would love to see them. Please add to your pictures that we ask everyone to be utmost respectful of their space. It is truly important for their well-being.

So what happened, you may ask? So far we have seen a 100% efficacy rate of PZP on the Salt River herd, which we are very proud of, so she kind of ruined our perfect record lol. (We do have one other 2021 foal, Bubbles, but her mother was not darted in time)

Because this is puzzling, we went to look back at her mother’s darting video. (We film every dart for exactly this reason) Minnie was darted in time, it was in the perfect spot, plus the dart stuck for 5 seconds, which is ideal. However, upon close examination, we noticed that the little exploding mechanism in the dart did not fire. Puzzle solved! She is a dart manufacturing fail, not a PZP fail!

For those of you new to our programs, please understand that it is our humane fertility control program that keeps the Salt River wild horses where they belong, on the Salt River. For more information on PZP fertility control, please visit our website

We would love to have your vote on her name!

We have 2 suggestions that would make sense for her Disney themed maternal line and 1 suggestion that would honor our Salt River horse Liaison Makenzie, because she does such a great job. (We already have a horse named Ducey and a horse named Killian)

Vote 1. for Makenzie, Vote 2. for Moana, and Vote 3. for Mulan on our Facebook Page. Voting is free, but please only vote once in the Facebook post’s comment section.

We wish this precious filly a long and happy life running wild and free.


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    Says August 16, 2021 at 2:28 pm

    […] is definately a little soul who maneuvered her way into the world (See our previous post explaining the dart failure). She is destined to spread an abundance of joy to all of the public, […]

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