Keeping the Salt River Wild Horses Free 🐴

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Keeping the Salt River Wild Horses Free 🐴

Keeping the Salt River Wild Horses Free 🐴

We the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group (SRWHMG), keep the Salt River wild horses free by:

1. Continuously advocating for their rights since 2010.
2. Monitoring and keeping accurate data on every horse in the herd.
3. Working with the authorities, not against.
4. Implementing solutions at no cost to the government.
5. Promoting our management proposal, which is the only proposal that does NOT include removals.
6. Advocating for a larger habitat and an overpass.
7. Advocating for better enforcement of harassment to the horses.
8. Being prepared for emergency measures such as feed/rescue/water when needed.
9. Keeping them safe from the roads.
10. Making humane fertility control a ground breaking success.

In short, we go the extra mile for these horses every day, both in the field and behind our computers, to continue to make it possible for Arizonans to watch them in their natural habitat.

Through our succesful programs, we are hoping to set precedent that wild horses can and should be managed humanely, everywhere around the world.

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These Salt River wild horses are headed to their bedding forest for the night. Goodnight everyone.🌙