Lady & Red’s Happy ending!

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Lady & Red’s Happy ending!

Lady & Red’s Happy ending!

As many of you know, the SRWHMG purchased a property for the purpose of giving our rescued Salt River wild horses their happily ever after.

The property (along the Beeline Hwy) is a work in progress fueled by the blood, sweat and tears of our hard working SRWHMG volunteers and the generous donations of the public.

We have no running water and no electricity yet, but on days like today, all that doesn’t matter. You will see us toasting with champagne to success, because Lady and Red get to be together.

Saved in 2015 from roundup, saved in 2018 from the drought, Here is their happy ending!

We were honored by a visit from Mrs. Arizona for this special occasion, and we want to thank her for promoting our cause.

Will you support our cause too? Then please share this post, because if many people see and hear our plea, maybe we can have our electricity soon! We have raised $5000 so far, of the $12,000 needed to finish the job! (Only $7000 more to go)
With thousands of likes to our posts, everyone would only have to give a few dollars to make it work!

Here’s to happy endings!