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River Rescue

When the Salt River is up and running at a good speed (1000 CFS) sometimes young foals can get swept away with the current, while their family band is swimming across the river.

We have rescued some from the rapids before, but also, we have found some that have drowned. If the foal doesn’t manage to clamber onshore quickly, it is doomed, unless it is lucky enough, that someone spots it’s distress.

So we want to sincerely thank visitors Dave Sherry and Marco Jaeger for saving this little ones life! Marco recognized that this tiny filly was getting swept away and Dave jumped in without hesitation and managed to get her on shore! The foal’s band then came looking for her and they were happily reunited.

We have actually named this foal Tiny because it is smaller than the average Salt River foal. We went out to check on Tiny today and she is doing good! We love happy endings! Way to go guys!

Her band makes the swim across the river every day. If you notice her or another foal in distress, please know that you can call our hotline and we will come running! (Or swimming)

SRWHMG hotline: (480).868.9301.

Thank you!