Lots of horses in one spot?

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Lots of horses in one spot?

Lots of horses in one spot?

Lots and lots of Salt River wild horses. Have you ever noticed that on some days you find not a wild horse, and on some days it seems like you have hit the wild horse jackpot?

That is because wild horses find safety and familiarity in numbers. They each have their distinct family bands, but they still like to migrate in the same direction and like to be in the proximity of other families, especially during foaling season. The same behavior can be seen on the Onaqui range where the huge group of wild horses is referred to as “the mob”.

It is true that the Salt River wild horses have a smaller area to live in now, because of the Forest Service fencing, both along the river and the roads. We get blamed for that, but we opposed those habitat reductions strongly, because horses have historically lived in those areas and should therefore be protected according to the law. However, we lost some of those battles over territory.

That doesn’t mean that we lost the war. The war, is the one over removals. Everyone seems to have something to say about that. While the population is at its highest, (to no fault of ours) we have promised to bring the numbers down over time, so that before you know it, no one will have anything to argue about anymore. Won’t that be nice?

In the mean time, all that people need to do to preserve the status quo, is NOT be a jerk. It’s too bad that even that seems too hard to do for some.

Enjoy this long relaxing afternoon of lots and lots of Salt River wild horses roaming the hills they have historically roamed.

Video: https://www.facebook.com/saltriverwildhorsemanagementgroup/videos/208106173729268