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Mori is ok!

Mori is ok!

March 10th

This is an example of why our Salt River rescues need to be trained and/or “domesticated”. They usually need immediate intensive medical care once rescued, but they also need follow up medical care and they should have no fear of the trailer ride or the vet.

Our rescues are either orphans, or they had severe injuries and were on the verge of death when we rescued them. Mori here, still has a disfigured skull as a result of a probable hit to her face by a car, at Granite Reef. She is an offspring of Lancelot and Paloma.

After we brought her down from a mountain, she needed immediate surgery to remove many floating pieces of her skull. She could not see out of either eye because of the pressure on her optical nerves.

If you know us a little bit, you’ll know that even this severe injury did not discourage us from trying to fix her up. Today she has her full eyesight back and lives a very happy life with her band of rescues, at our SRWHMG property.

Yesterday, she needed an x-ray, because she is prone to nasal infections and we had to put her on antibiotics. Luckily there was no residual infection, and her skull, while abnormal, is looking good!


Mori was glad to get home again!

However, just one of these necessary visits costs almost $1000,- , and Mori is one of 24 rescues. If you’d like to help with our medical fund, so we can continue our important work, please 🙏 click this fundraiser!!

Thank you so much!!! SRWHMG.ORG