Happy National Volunteer Week!

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Happy National Volunteer Week!

Happy National Volunteer Week!

National Volunteer Week is an opportunity to recognize the impact of volunteer service and celebrate that the power of volunteers can transform the world in many ways.

Right now during this corona virus crisis, there are many volunteers at work in all corners of the world whom we want to thank. Likewise we want to shine a light on our own amazing volunteers as well, who are still working their hindquarters off, because our work continues.
Together, we changed the world just a little, maybe not the whole world, but certainly the whole world for the Salt River wild horses. While almost gone forever, today, all Salt River wild horses are still living out their lives in peace, on the lower Salt River and we continue to protect them and humanely manage them.

Managing wild horses and working with authorities, as well as with the public, is not as easy as it may seem, and we could not accomplish what we do without our loyal and amazing volunteers.

Whether online, in the field, at our property, or on road patrol ; whether a darter, an admin, a hiker, a fencer or a caretaker; whether part of the patrol team, the care team, the feed team, the fencing team, the field team or the admins, whether they give a few hours a week or 20 hours a day, let’s hear it for our volunteers!! We appreciate and love each and every one of them for the selfless work they do. They make the world a better place for the Salt River wild horses. Please let them know you appreciate them!!

Thank you SRWHMG volunteers!!

P.S. pictures taken before social distancing : )