What we promised back then was not just talk.

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What we promised back then was not just talk.

What we promised back then was not just talk.

August 5th @ 10AM

It’s been 5 years, tough, hardworking years, proving all this time, that what we promised back then, was not just talk. We walk the walk, put our money where our mouth was, and have kept every promise we ever made to the government, both State and Federal.

What we are proving is that humane wild horse management is 100% attainable. Not everyone understands the principle, so we do a lot of public education. It doesn’t work on all, so when people want to be negative in spite of all the good we do, we just remember that negativity is a way of life for some people, and that luckily they are less than 0.0001 percent of the public who supports us.

Humane wild horse management takes dedication and teamwork by a whole lot of great people and a good leader, and it takes lots of supporters like you, who put their money where their mouth was also.

For the public and by the public, that’s what we said. So THANK YOU to all of the public that continues to make that possible. If that doesn’t include you yet, please go to our website to become a supporter, because every dollar counts!

These are just two wild brothers who happened to cross each others path randomly. There is not one doubt that they remember each other. What do you think they communicated? Hey don’t I know you from somewhere? How have you been? They played for a while, but then went their separate ways again. Not unlike grown up human brothers would do. Till I see you again brother!

In any case, they are still roaming in the same place where their ancestors roamed hundreds of years ago. To have something historic left to see in nature, that’s pretty good for the year 2020, if we may say so ourselves.

With thanks to the AZDA and the USFS.

For the public and by the public,