SRWHMG Rescue highlight: Mori’s 3rd Birthday! 💕🎂🥕

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SRWHMG Rescue highlight: Mori’s 3rd Birthday! 💕🎂🥕

SRWHMG Rescue highlight: Mori’s 3rd Birthday! 💕🎂🥕

August 6th @ 8AM

SRWHMG Rescue highlight: Today is Mori’s 3rd Birthday! 💕🎂🥕🥕🥕

This is her story;

Mori’s official name is Morgause. This name relates to the knights of the round table, as she was born into Lancelot’s band out of mare Paloma on August 6th 2017 at Granite Reef, in the Tonto National Forest, AZ.

Lancelot’s band would cross the road there in the morning and at night, and our volunteers were on constant watch at that dangerous corner of Bush Hwy. Our worst fears were realized when one day little Mori, only 3 months old was missing from the band…. she was found on top of a hill next to the road, with her skull bashed in, and she was completely blind.

We successfully rescued her on November 13th, 2017.

Mori’s road to complete healing has been very long and very expensive, but also very worth it. She had 2 brain surgeries to carefully take out all of the broken pieces of skull which relieved the pressure on her optic nerve. After that it took intensive medical care by our volunteers for 3 straight months of cleaning the wound and changing bandages, she slowly gained her eyesight back and has 100% vision today. The only lasting sign that there was ever anything wrong with her is the permanent indent in her skull.

After greying out, Mori is the absolute spitting image of her dad Lancelot, who we all miss very much. She is completely healthy today and is enjoying life with her best friend Gem and the rest of the family band at the rescue facility.

Mori’s mom Paloma continues to live wild and free. She and the rest of Lancelot’s band are now safe from the road and no longer have access to Granite Reef. She has had two foals after Mori. She is not pregnant this year because of PZP.

You can often see her hanging out at the water between Coon Bluff and Goldfield with her yearling colt, who is also graying out and will also look just like Lancelot when he is all grown up.

Mori is going to get some extra carrots today and she wants to thank all of her sponsors and all of her SRWHMG caretakers for making her happily ever after, her reality. Yes we ask for donations a lot. But this is what its for; their happily ever after.

To sponsor Mori click here:…/sponsor-mo…/
To stay up to date with Mori’s daily life at the rescue facility, go to the Facebook page SRWHMG Wild Rescues.

Happy Birthday sweet Mori!