One for all and all for one.

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One for all and all for one.

One for all and all for one.

November 20th

It is our goal, to save them all! You can help us save them right now!!

This first picture is adorable Mirabelle, the youngest Salt River wild horse, and she is safe with her family in the wild, because of the important work we do. But there are babies just like her from the beautiful ALPINE herd and they are just as precious as Mirabelle and her family.

They were ripped out of the wild, by the Apache Sitgreaves National Forest (#shameonASNF) and they are in the online Alpine wild horse auction right now, at risk of a terrible fate!! These are their pictures from the auction. We want to save them all, and with your help, just maybe we can.

There is an army for the Alpine wild horses and it is growing; we are working with several rising star sanctuaries who will be coalition partners: @nirvana.mustang.sanctuary, @4hoovesranch, and @moksha_sanctuary.

Plus there are some rockstar advocates who are calling contacts all day as if their lives depend on it. Thank you, @arizona.wild.horses & @workingforsunshine

We have already saved 91 Alpine wild horses , but we want to save all. There are 11 gorgeous Alpine stallions who could have a family again in good homes, right after we geld them, but to geld them is very expensive!! We need a huge amount of $6000 for the geldings. Then another $4000 for bail and transport, and $6000 for more hay!! We know this is a lot to ask from the public, and we don’t know if this will be shared enough, but we do know, that if everyone who read this would really put a little money where their mouth is, then we could pull it off!!
We have an army but everyone to become part of it!! This auction has no limitation on slaughter and there are bad bidders, but we can beat them!!

There are many ways to give and help!!

The easiest is the button on this post, or if you don’t see that, there is a donate button right on the top of our Facebook page. (Click on our name to get to our page)

You can also PayPal to

Or go to our website, where we have a special Alpine fund set up.

We are praying and keeping our fingers crossed that we can reach our goal to save them all!! 🙏


Sincerely, SRWHMG.