Our Rescued Horse Has Passed

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Our Rescued Horse Has Passed

Our Rescued Horse Has Passed

We are double sad about this: Little Sidney, named after Senator John Sidney McCain, joined him in crossing over to greener pastures where pain does not exist.
She put up a brave fight, but succumbed to something mysterious that neither we nor our veteranarians have found the cause for yet.
We sent her body down to Midwestern University to try to and learn more, as this may help future cases. (We will post a case report).

We are so sorry and can assure you that we gave it our all, as we do for every Salt River wild horse. She was a delight for the short time we got to know her. (This video was taken before she took a turn for the worse) She wasn’t hungry or thirsty, she wasn’t hot, she knew play and she knew love. In the end she had relief from her pain; we think that is a better way to go than having died on the river alone or eaten alive.
We thank our supporters and sponsors, for providing the resources for the vetbills, we thank our dedicated volunteers for providing the manpower, and we thank our AZ Department of Agriculture for making humane management possible.

***In monitoring wild horses closely, there are many ups and downs as nature can be harsh. We realize that it may not be easy to follow us and hear about the sad times either. That’s why we want to thank you for bearing with us, for sharing in all of the ups and downs, and for spreading the word that all wild horses deserve humane treatment, everywhere.

Godspeed Senator #McCain and run forever free little Sidney.
SRWHMG #humanemanagement