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Snow and Gideon Together

Snow and Gideon Together

Managing wild horses this closely, it gets tough sometimes, it does. Danger lies around the corner for each wild horse born free. Only the toughest and luckiest make it past their first year.

We know that we cannot save them all, even when we give it our all, like in Cheyenne or in Sidneys case. But it won’t stop us from doing the right thing the next time we encounter suffering, and the next.

Knowing you – our supporters- are on this wild ride alongside us is huge. We know it pains you as well when we loose one.

So, together with everyone who has ever clicked the donate button, together with everyone who has given their time, sweat and tears, together with everyone who did something, let’s look at these happy faces, and know that we make a difference together, every day, for every Salt River wild horse.

This is Snow and Gideon, who graduated to the big field together! They are Salt River orphans, who, not too long ago had no chance of survival and teetered on the verge of death.

So thank you for your support. It doesn’t just take a village, it takes a whole State.

Would you like to sponsor a Salt River wild horse? Any amount makes a difference. Please go to our website and click the sponsor a horse button. Please share that with everyone you know! SRWHMG.