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Our superpower.

Our superpower.

June 8th

Do you want to know why we ask you to call and write your legislators?

Because you are our superpower.

Regardless of if you felt like u were heard, or if you got an answering machine, regardless if you got a vague letter back, from which you couldn’t even tell how the legislator really felt. You are our superpower. We talk to them you know, all of them. Your legislator knows that we are trying to accomplish humane treatment for wild horses, they know. But they also want to know what will be the most popular thing to decide.
We are not a rich organization, and we don’t have fancy offices in DC. But we have one thing they want and it’s you. You are our superpower. The more calls they get from You (and your family and your friends) the more they listen to us, and we speak for the horses.

Don’t underestimate the power of that voice that you can give to wild horses everywhere, by simply asking for humane wild horse management from your legislators, and it doesn’t hurt to mention our name.

So please really do it and you’ll feel empowered, because you give us the power to negotiate for the horses. You ARE the power of the public, our superpower. Thank you!

This week please call:

  • Governor Katie Hobbs- 602 542 4331
  • Senator Krysten Sinema- 520 639 7080
  • Senator Mark Kelly.- 602 671 7901