Peanut and Rosy can finally be together!

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Peanut and Rosy can finally be together!

Peanut and Rosy can finally be together!

We have been looking forward to this moment for a long time!

For 6 weeks our volunteers have tended to these two orphan foals day and night, each foal with their own set of complicated medical challenges.

Peanut overcame two bacterial infections, C-dif and Salmonella, both extremely contagious and dangerous bacterial infections, so we have had to treat our barn like an ER and he could not be in contact with any other horse.

Rosy overcame anemia and lots of colon issues because of her starvation from being alone without her mother. Then in addition she recovered from her hernia surgery.

Now they have both been cleared, their tests negative for any bacteria and they can finally be together!

They are soooo happy about it, and so are we!
We will try to get some good videos of their play tomorrow to post.

We want to thank you all for your support for these two rescues, but we also want to ask kindly and urgently, please consider sponsoring one of these babies on a monthly basis? This is the only way that we can afford to keep them, and continue their care, …if we know that their monthly costs covered.

Sponsor Rosy here: Https://…/rosy/

Sponsor Peanut here: Https://…/sponsor-pe…/

Grateful for your support,