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Please support our cause.

Please support our cause.

The Salt River wild horses need your help and this April 7th it is Arizona Gives day! We are hoping that you won’t forget about these Arizona treasures, during these difficult times for everyone.

🐴 In 2015 we saved the Salt River wild horses and offered better solutions as an alternative; we promised that we could manage wild horses humanely, for the public and by the public.

🙏 We were grateful for the overwhelming public support, but we have to put our money where our mouth was to continue to preserve these horses for future generations to come.

💵 Our programs do not get funded by anyone but you, the public. It means that the success of our programs depend entirely on you. Even during these hard times, we have to continue to perform at full capacity.

🙏 So for this AZ gives day, we ask our supporters to spread this message; Please invest in these local treasures in order to keep them wild and free. It only takes a few dollars as long as everybody does it. It’s the principal of accumulative good.

💵 We have raised $970 dollars so far, but our goal is $12,000 for our programs!!

💸 We are giving it our all, will you help and give us just a few dollars this AZ gives day?

📲 It is easy to do on your phone or computer and if everyone does just a little, we can accomplish so much!

Please share this and go to where you can also set up your own fundraiser.

For regular mail: 4610 N. 68th Str. #477, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Thank you so much,
Proud to manage wild horses for the public and by the public, SRWHMG.


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  1. P. Kemper

    Says May 05, 2020 at 3:04 pm

    Would be very helpful if all stories and postings were dated—month and year. That way, we know if the article is current, last month, last year, etc.

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