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Please meet Little Old Lady, Lolly for short. A Salt River wild horse born during harsh natural circumstances with a mother who had nothing left to give. (Physically)

With a team of volunteers we were able to surround her and catch her yesterday and transported her to the vet immediately.

As suspected, Lolly has a full break in her left front foot. That means she has a long road ahead, but she does have a chance for survival, we have seen and treated worse cases!

She now has a cast and is in the care of our expert vets who also treated Gem and Mori with life threatening injuries, who are now healthy, running and playing together every day. We love the happy endings, and with your support can keep them coming!

We may be able to rescue mom as well, with our humane bait trap/ human round pen method, but she will have to come back to the feed station first herself.
At over 20 years old she may also decide to stay wild and free until the very end, but her feed stations will be filled every evening. We will keep you updated on this situation.

We will make sure this little one gets the love and attention she needs. If she makes it, she will enjoy her life with her Salt River cousins as her family.
We will need lots of Ultra24 milk replacer again and we will set her up her own page so that she can get lots of sponsors for her vet bills and nesesities! Thank you all so much for your support.