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Rescue Anniversary

Rescue Anniversary

Do you guys all remember Old Lady’s rescue last year? The first photo is a few days after we had brought her to our SRWHMG facility. We very carefully rehabilitated her through a well planned nutrition program.

We think it’s important to give our rescues a life that closely resembles that of the wild, by giving them a family and by giving them a large arena to run around in. The arena has natural mesquite and palo verde trees in it.

Old Lady would have died in the wild, but she now has a new lease on life and she has a new family. She is an amazing grandma to all of the youngsters including Fynn, Agave and Nakota. She doesnt have to be ridden or do anything special, she just has to live a good life and then we are happy.

We would like to thank all of our wonderful caretaking team at our facility for taking such good care of all of our rescues, it is a lot of hard work for very little credit and the pay is: zero. They even spend their own gas getting there.
Please give them a hand.
Applause for our caretakers!