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Lost Foal Update

Lost Foal Update

We waited in the forest with him for 5 hours, in case his mare and his band came back; our field team searched for 2 days everywhere; and we asked photographers for help on our pages,..but now we may have to accept that this little peanut will need a new family, plus day and night feedings and loving care.

CAN YOU HELP? We were hoping to have our foal barn finished before it came time for another rescue! Can you help us make our brand new barn habitable for this little guy? We need to lay down lots and lots of matts!! (4×6 Matts $49 at tractor supply). We are in dire need of a swamp cooler as well as a large generator, and ofcourse we will need lots and lots of milk replacer for him! (Ultra24 on Amazon smile).

We are setting up a sponsor page for him on our website, but in the mean time we are just looking to make ends meet, we need $4000 minimum. He is an absolute doll and is doing very well adjusting to milk replacer and human moms.

Please help us spread this fundraiser and did you know you can create your own fundraiser on your own page to support us as well?? Come to our page and click create fundraiser!

Humane management by the public and for the public, that is what we do, and we can only do it with you as their sponsors and supporters. Thank you so much, we will keep you updated on how he is doing daily!