Salt River Stallion Rivalry: Spirit and Luka.

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Salt River Stallion Rivalry: Spirit and Luka.

Salt River Stallion Rivalry: Spirit and Luka.

May 21st

In 2016, two of the most powerful patriarchs of the Salt River, Wisdom and Sarge, each had a son out of their favorite mare, who were bound to continue their legacies.

We named Wisdom and Faith’s colt, Spirit. We named Sarge and Little Girl’s colt, Luka.

Wisdom passed away from old age in 2017 and Sarge hasn’t been seen in the past year.

Both of these adorable little colts, (in picture 3 and 4) are now at their most powerful and virile age, 7 years old. And it sure seems that they have not forgotten their families rivalry!

Picture 1 is of Spirit, (he did not turn out to look too much like the Disney’s Spirit) Spirit has done a great job protecting his mother after their band fell apart, and we’ve loved him for being so loyal. But, because of this, he has not formed a band of his own yet. But recently, he fell in love with one of Luka’s mares and he has been following them persistently. These two being so well matched in strength and power, have given the public some spectacular battles to photograph in the past few weeks.

In the latest development, Spirit has managed to steal Luka’s band and injured Luka in the progress.

The injured horse from the other day turned out to be Luka. (Picture 2.) We have close up pictures of his wound and have carefully assessed him. While he looks quite sad at the moment, Luka is going to be totally fine. Trust us when we say, we’ve seen much much worse. Luka however, even with his limp, has not given up and is still following Spirit and mares closely.

Basically, this is the rivalry between Wisdom and Sarge all over, except the next generation! It is how life and the circle continues at the Salt River, and it is worth protecting.

Who will win in the end? Only time will tell, but for now we hope that Luka will give himself some rest, and we hope the public will give him that rest as well. When you do see Luka, feel free to give our hotline a call on his whereabouts, we will be checking on him frequently.

It is a very tough, but also amazing, spectacular wild wild world out there.

Please help us protect and preserve the Salt River wild horses by going to our website. Sincerely, SRWHMG.